Thursday, July 9, 2015

Wisteria can pull down a house

Wisteria can pull down a house by Marge Piercy

The wisteria means to creep over the world.
Every day its long tendrils wave in the breeze,
seize the bench under its arbor, weave
round the garden fence obstructing
the path. Its arbor’s long outgrown.

Such avidity. Such greed for dominance.
It has already killed the Siberian irises
it shadowed, stealing all their sun.
Should I admire or resent? Neither.
I go out with loppers and hack and hack.

If it could, it would twine around my neck
like a python; like an angry giant squid
it would pull me into a strangling embrace.
I will grow back, it swears, and outlive you.
Its vigor outdoes mine. It will succeed.

“Wisteria can pull down a house” by Marge Piercy from Made in Detroit.

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Jimmy Bertin said...

How true this poem! I have a large wisteria vine at the corner of my front porch and if it weren't for the lovely two week period
each spring when it is in bloom I would hack it down permanently. Can't bring myself to get rid of it.