Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Hundred Names Of Love

The Hundred Names of Love

The children have gone to bed.
We are so tired we could fold ourselves neatly
behind our eyes and sleep mid-word, sleep standing
warm among the creatures in the barn, lean together
and sleep, forgetting each other completely in the velvet,
the forgiveness of that sleep.
Then the one small cry:
one strike of the match-head of sound:
one child’s voice:
and the hundred names of love are lit
as we rise and walk down the hall.
One hundred nights we wake like this,
wake out of our nowhere
to kneel by small beds in darkness.
One hundred flowers open in our hands,
a name for love written in each one.

“The Hundred Names of Love” by Annie Lighthart from Iron String © Airlie Press, 2015.
Thanks to The Writers Almanac

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Dave Parker said...

I heard Garrison Keillor read this today as I did my busy errands. I'm not always at the radio at the Writer's Almanac moment, but today I was in luck. And now at last with all the errands done and meetings over I can go looking for it, and finding it I am blessed again. Thank you all for this gift.