Saturday, March 30, 2013


From the Writers Almanac: Spring by Jim Harrison

Something new in the air today, perhaps the struggle of the bud to become a leaf. Nearly two weeks late it invaded the air but then what is two weeks to life herself? On a cool night there is a break from the struggle of becoming. I suppose that's why we sleep. In a childhood story they spoke of the land of enchant- ment." We crawl to it, we short-lived mammals, not realizing that we are already there. To the gods the moon is the entire moon but to us it changes second by second because we are always fish in the belly of the whale of earth. We are encased and can't stray from the house of our bodies. I could say that we are released, but I don't know, in our private night when our souls explode into a billion fragments then calmly regather in a black pool in the forest, far from the cage of flesh, the unremitting "I." This was a dream and in dreams we are forever alone walking the ghost road beyond our lives. Of late I see waking as another chance at spring.

"Spring" by Jim Harrison, from Songs of Unreason. © Copper Canyon Press, 2011

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PoetNessa said...

Thank you for posting this: I was just reading an article from LATimes on Jim Harrison, which mentioned his wife, Linda's death, and then found a quote from this poem on Linda's obituary. So thank you for posting this poem.