Sunday, June 24, 2012

Griffin at Two

Watching The Ducks


Thanks, little boy, For your unconditional love,
For hugging me hard when we meet,
For your small hand leading,
For your sense of humor,
For your intelligence,
For your solitary focused play,
For your love of giraffes and elephants,
For your big blue eyes
Your expressive mouth,
Your prominent ears
The back of your delicate neck,
For your confident walk,
For seeing possibilities in everything,

For taking a piece of my heart,
And holding it safe in yours.

For all these things, my darling boy,

By Grandma

1 comment:

Sigismund said...

Yes. thanks!

The human love
Of age and wisdom of the years
Pull tellingly on my heart strings
And your poem filled my soul with the aweof it.
A celebration of that sad, sad joy
of birth, and death, and birth again felt by the
Grandpa that I am
To my grand daughter, Thalia,
Aged five
who shares my inner thoughts
My sorrows and my joys!