Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Beautiful Sandwich

The Beautiful Sandwich by Brad Ricca  (Makes me hungry just to read this one!)

She could always make
the most beautiful sandwich.
Laced swiss cheese: sliced
crossways, folded once.
Ham in rolls like sleeping bags.
Turkey piled like shirts.
Tarragon. Oregano. Pepper.
Herb dill mayonnaise the color of
skin. On top: the thin, wandering line of
like a contour on a map
in a thin, flat drawer.
Or a single, lost vein.
The poppyseeds hold on,
for now.

Placed on a plate like isolated
or a large, solemn head.
The spilled chips in yellow piles
are like the strange coins
of tall, awkward islanders.
The thin dill pickle: their boat
slides into
the green-sour sea.

Thanks to The Writers Almanac -- "The Beautiful Sandwich" by Brad Ricca, from American Mastodon. © Black Lawrence Press, 2011.

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Eileen said...

This'd be a great poem to read right before lunch! You can just see the sandwich he describes.