Saturday, May 14, 2011

Being a Little Well

Being a Little Well -  By Brian Aldiss

Couldn't you be a little well
For a little while longer?
Oh how I love your presence
And your virtue
If you could be just a little stronger
Would that hurt you?
All fair things perish, we know,
Yet death is a horrid surprise –
Just to see you so low
It rips my heart in two.
Tears burst unprompted from my eyes
Is there nothing I can do?
No, there's nothing I can do.
Just for a little while
Be a little well, love, if you can
Grant me that lovely smile.
I promise I'll smile too.
As I hold your frail hand, I'll
Hold back the chill that will befall.
Can't you be a little well at all?

from Mortal Morning, published by Flambard Press (£12.99). - Thanks to The Guardian

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Darina said...

I was looking in the internet to find a hint on dialogues when I bumped into that piece. It is so deep and yet so light that makes me wanna read it again and again and with every next read it gets deeper. So nice and emotional. Well done!