Saturday, February 5, 2011

First Night Floor Is Deck

For Chris: First Night Floor is Deck by Victor W. Pearn

in the Marine Corps:
hat is a cover,
bathroom is a head,
Drill Instructor is a DI,
and we have become ladies.

Thoughts swirling
in your brain,
you have lived through
a worse nightmare
than you ever
dreamed possible.

You asked for it.
You enlisted.
This is temporary.
This will pass.
What is the best way to survive?
Go through with it. You will make it.

If you can call two hours sleep
a night. That first night
calm, silent, peaceful,
your eyes close, mind slows,
then you hear Gabriel
sounding his trumpet.

"First Night Floor is Deck" by Victor W. Pearn, from Devil Dogs and Jarheads. © Busca, Inc, 2003

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