Saturday, January 22, 2011

What We All Once Were

What We All Once Were - Christopher Murphy (For the Warner, Stampul, Seibel and Murphy Families)

Because they're beautiful (ALL of them)
Because they make life bearable.
Because they're innocent
And because they're not.

Because they laugh without sadness,
Because their faces are unmarked by sneers.
Because they run for no reason,
Because they jump on you
Without guilt
While you're sleeping.

Because they make you tired ( a good tired)
Because they pick you up.
Because they'll throw a block at your head
Out of love.
Because they'll hug a porcupine
Given half a chance.

Because they really sleep,
Because their dreams are vivid
And unknowable.
Because their faces are tatooed with food,
And because they're beautiful (ALL of them)

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Murph said...

My son, a poet even if he won't admit it....