Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Signature Mark of Autumn

The Signature Mark of Autumn by Gary Young

The signature mark of autumn has arrived at last
with the rains: orange of
pumpkin, orange persimmon, orange lichen on rocks
and fallen logs; a copper
moon hung low over the orchard; moist, ruddy limbs
of the madrone, russet
oak leaf, storm-peeled redwood, acorns emptied
by squirrels and jays; and
mushrooms, orange boletes, Witch's Butter sprouting
on rotted oak, the Deadly
Galeria, and of course, chanterelles, which we'll eat
tonight with pasta, goat
cheese, and wine.

"The Signature Mark of Autumn" by Gary Young, from Pleasure. © Heyday Books, 2006.

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