Thursday, January 14, 2010

Penguin and Polar Bear

Penguin & Polar Bear by William Jay Smith

I think it must be very nice
To stroll about upon the ice,
Night and day, day and night,
Wearing only black and white,
Always in your Sunday best—
Black tailcoat and pearl-white vest.
To stroll about so pleasantly
Beside the cold and silent sea
Would really suit me to a T!
I think it must be very nice
To stroll with Penguins on the ice.

For those who like the Arctic air,
There also is the Polar Bear.

Polar Bear

The Polar Bear never makes his bed;
He sleeps on a cake of ice instead.
He has no blanket, no quilt, no sheet
Except the rain and snow and sleet.
He drifts about on a white ice floe
While cold wings howl and blizzards blow
And the temperature drops to forty below.
The Polar Bear never makes his bed;
The blanket he pulls up over his head
Is lined with soft and feathery snow.
If ever he rose and turned on the light,
He would find a world of bathtub white,
And icebergs floating through the night.

"Penguin" and "Polar Bear" by William Jay Smith


Anonymous said...


You should read Snow Bear to your grandchildren. If they like these poems, they will get a kick out of Snow Bear! The illustrations are fantastic. Mr. Poppers Penquins is a fun read aloud - too!

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