Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I have been giving thought, Lord

I have been giving thought, Lord
-- you have a minute? - to getting old.
Natural enough, as the years pass.
DO the years pass more quickly, Lord?
Whatever happened to those longer
years we used to have?
Did you discontinue them? To speed up
the process, sort of? To replace us faster?
Hoping for improvement in the product?

However, getting old. Subject for today
- and I'm not talking about staying young.
Indeed not; I was young once and
wasn't mad on it. But to continue.
Getting old, a fellow said, is all in the mnd.
True. It's also inclined to get into the joints,
the digestion, and the poor old feet.
Spectacles appear, then a second pair.
Certain powers wane. Expected; allowed for.
But the fellow's right, or nearly right.

Now, Lord. To the point.
What if the mind gets stiff in the joints?
Where are you then?

What if the mind goes lame, needs two
pairs of specs?
Then it would seem, a person's got trouble.
I mean, if the mind is in charge, and
starts taking days off; loses grip.
Where are you then?
Seems it's time for a person to shut the office.

So, Lord, please, keep me young in the mind.
Let me enjoy, Lord, let me enjoy.
If creaky I must be, and many-spectacled,
And morning-stiff and food-careful,
If trembly-handed and slow-moving and
breath-short and head-noddy,
I won't complain. Not a word.
If, with your help, dear Friend, there
will dwell in this ancient monument,
A Young Mind. Please, Lord?

Candida Lund

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